50 Years of Designing and Manufacturing Engineered Plastic Parts for Industrial Equipment

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Timco Headquarters
Timco Inc. was established in 1967

Timco Inc. has more than 40 years of experience fabricating components for industrial equipment.

Our components typically reduce friction, improve wear resistance and extend part life. Decades of hard work, proven skill and a continuing commitment to excellence have earned Timco a reputation for high quality products and industry-leading customer service. Timco offers a broad material product range and specializes in creating individual solutions for our customers.
The company was founded in 1967 by Rudolf Walter to spread the use of plastics as fabricated components. Today, Timco continues to innovate and solve product design challenges faced by engineers.

Our extensive engineering plastic material options from UHMW-PE and nylon, to PDVF and PEEK means our focus is on choosing the right material for each application. Although many Timco parts are made of high quality plastic, we also supply precision parts made of metal for steel mills and wire processing equipment. Timco also sells compression molded fiber (HGW), corrugated vulcanized fiber (CVF), ceramics and ceramic coated metals for specific applications.

Timco’s ISO 9001:2008 certification assures our customers that we are committed to quality. It also permits us to service and supply the world’s foremost manufacturing firms. Our range of machining possibilities offers a great deal of leeway for your designs. There is no minimum quantity required ($100 minimum order size), and we will gladly make prototypes as needed.
Unlike our competitors, Timco employs only mechanical engineers as technical sales representatives. Our sales engineers discuss all the details of your equipment to make sure that the plastic parts will function well in your application. Timco’s combination of experience with high quality materials and thorough application engineering results in the right product the first time, saving you time and money.

Timco engineers will:

  • Check application conditions on your machine
  • Review your design drawing
  • Recommend component material and the process used to manufacture your part

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