50 Years of Designing and Manufacturing Engineered Plastic Parts for Industrial Equipment

Timco Components on Construction Equipment

Heavy duty construction equipment benefits from the use of Timco fabricated plastic components in many ways. Our plastic parts are surprisingly strong and durable. They are lightweight, corrosion resistant and easily machined to fit specific equipment. The plastic materials cause very little wear on mating surfaces. The elasticity of Timco´s sheaves results in a larger contact area between wire rope and sheave groove. The specific loading is greatly reduced, and the wire rope is under less stress. The load bearing contact area on a Timco nylon sheave is 10 times larger than on a steel sheave. When Timco sheaves are used in place of steel ones, the wire rope will last considerably longer.

Many other bearing and wear applications like slide pads, rollers and wheels, as well as structural applications like outrigger float pads and cribbing plates, also benefit from the light weight, long part life and self-lubrication of Timco´s machined components. In fact, cribbing plates (outrigger mats) made of our Timcolite™ material are guaranteed not to break when used in normal conditions!

Timco has decades of experience manufacturing plastic parts for construction equipment. Our sales engineers will work with you to uncover all the design and load requirements of your part. We will help you to select the correct material and manufacturing process to assure your Timco part will function well in your heavy duty application.

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