50 Years of Designing and Manufacturing Engineered Plastic Parts for Industrial Equipment

Timco Plastic Parts on Utility Hoists and Vehicles

The use of Timco´s fabricated parts on utility hoists and vehicles continues to increase. Our plastics offer a lightweight, non-corroding, and non-conducting alternative to metals. Using lighter weight materials on mobile equipment is important because you can only put a limited amount of weight on the truck chassis. The weight of engineered plastics is approximately one-seventh the weight of steel. So, using lighter weight Timco components allows more equipment to be included on the truck.

Timco components also improve safety and efficiency of the equipment. Not only are handling or installing our parts easier and safer, but they extend the useful lifetime of all components in the system. Timco parts do not rust and they resist chemical and saltwater corrosion. They are ideal for outdoor and marine applications, as well as use in other harsh environments.

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