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Cast Nylons

Cast nylon is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic that is formed through anionic polymerization of the raw material caprolactam. In a pressureless casting process, the monomer is directly polymerized into semifinished and molded parts through a controlled chemical reaction. Timco also tempers all cast nylon before finish-machining in order to reduce residual stress and increase dimensional stability. Benefits of cast nylon over extruded nylon include better mechanical strength, creep and wear resistance, lower moisture absorption, and better dimensional stability.

Cast Nylon:

  • is almost free from internal stress
  • has a high degree of crystallinity (polymerization of 97% or better)
  • can be formed into almost any shape
  • can be cast in any weight and size up to 2000 lbs. and 8 ft. diameter

Very good sliding properties

Very good sliding properties make cast nylon 6 the classic material for slide bearings for heavily loaded machine parts. This includes bushings, slide and guide plates as well as gear and chain wheels. Due to the low coefficient of friction, a single lubrication at installation is usually sufficient. In many cases, lubrication is not even necessary.

High abrasion and wear resistance

High abrasion and wear resistance at low to medium slide velocities, especially in harsh operating conditions (e.g. dust or sand entry in the bearing) complete the picture of cast nylon 6 as a material for slide bearings. Compared to conventional bearing materials like cast iron, steel or bronze, a much longer part life is frequently achieved under harsh operating conditions.

Good damping capacity

Good damping capacity for the reduction of vibrations and noise is of special importance for rope pulleys and idler rolls. Compared to metal rollers, cast nylon 6 reduces the vibrations that are transmitted via rollers to shafts, bearings and machine frames. In this way, the service life of machines and machine components can be increased. In addition, efforts to reduce machine noise are supported.

Low specific weight

Low specific weight reduces the weight of components compared to metal parts. This is of particular interest where parts are rotated and centrifugal forces occur. The lower weight leads to a significant reduction of these forces with improved balance and therefore reduced vibrations. A significant reduction in weight can often allow a reduction in drive power. Additionally, the handling and assembly of large parts is made easier.

Good machinability, dimensional stability and low residual stress

Good machinability, dimensional stability and low residual stress enable the manufacture of complex engineering parts and their use in all areas of engineering. The material can be machined with standard tools and conventional machines for wood and metal machining. High feed rates and cutting speeds facilitate economical manufacturing.

The properties of the material can be modified in a controlled manner to through additives like oil, solid lubricants and thermal stabilizer. This provides a customized range of materials for a wide spectrum of applications.

Nylon Type 6 Natural

Nylon Type 6 Natural is a heavy duty, high impact and chemical resistant material appropriate for larger nylon parts. It has high wear resistance at low to middle speeds, and performs especially well under difficult conditions such as contact with sand or dust. It is FDA compliant and is frequently used in food contact applications.

Nylon Type 6 Black

Nylon Type 6 Black is standard cast nylon 6 with black pigment added. It is also a heavy duty, high impact and chemical resistant material appropriate for larger size parts. It has the same mechanical and electrical properties of Cast Nylon 6 Natural, but it is not FDA compliant.

Nylon Type 6 Blue Heat Stabilized

Nylon Type 6 Blue is standard cast nylon with a heat stabilizer added to improve long-term thermal stability to 260°F. It has high wear resistance at low to middle speeds, and performs especially well under difficult conditions such as contact with sand or dust.

Nylon Type 6 MO

Nylon Type 6 MO has molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) added to improve its load carrying capabilities. It offers improved UV-resistance and good sliding characteristics. The impact and fatigue resistance inherent to unmodified cast nylon is unchanged.


Oil – filled Cast Nylon

Oilamid® is a highly crystalline modification of cast nylon 6 especially designed for sliding applications through the addition of oil, solid lubricants and stabilizers. The lubricants and additives integrated in the material provide continuous lubrication throughout the total lifetime of components. Compared to standard grades of cast nylon, it has a 50% reduction of the coefficient of sliding friction, leading to less friction heat and thus a significantly higher load bearing capacity. This reduction also permits higher surface pressures and its use at higher velocities. Undesirable slip-stick effects are also minimized.

Because of its highly crystalline molecular structure and special additives, Oilamid® offers lower moisture absorption, better dimensional stability, and therefore more consistent mechanical properties in moist environments. Oilamid® provides excellent sliding properties for bearings and high-duty sliding and wear parts.

Primary application areas for Oilamid® include in the field of transport and conveyor technology, and in mechanical and automotive engineering. Especially in the field of filling, labeling and packaging machinery, Oilamid® components offer considerable advantages. Parts typically made of Oilamid® include: bearings, guides, chain wheels and guides, guide rails, transport stars, tappets, curved guides, and gear wheels.

A standard black grade and a natural FDA compliant grade of Oilamid® are available.

Lubramid® 600 T

Internally lubricated Cast Nylon

Lubramid® 600 T provides a continuously lubricated surface ideal for applications where maintenance greasing is difficult or impossible. It is manufactured with proprietary solid lubricant additives that improve the nylon’s wear resistance, and provide a coefficient of friction of only 0.15. In addition, Lubramid® 600 T´s improved sliding and self-lubrication properties make it well suited for parts requiring the slipperiness of UHMW but with higher load requirements. Switching to Lubramid® 600 T will make machined parts last longer and eliminate the need for lubrication. Typical applications for Lubramid® 600 T include guides, bearings, bushings, castors, gears and wear pads. You can use Lubramid® 600 T parts in any application where ordinary cast nylon is used today.

Lubramid® 600 T-FG

FDA Compliant Internally Lubricated Cast Nylon

Lubramid® 600 T - FG is Timco´s FDA compliant premium wear cast nylon 6 formulation. In the past, OEM equipment builders or maintenance engineers would have to sacrifice part life for FDA compliance. Now engineers can offer the best of both worlds. Switching to Lubramid® 600 T - FG will make FDA compliant machined parts last longer, reduce slip-stick and eliminate the need for lubrication. It is manufactured with proprietary solid lubricant additives that improve the nylon’s wear resistance and provide a low coefficient of friction. It also offers improved sliding properties, and can be used in any application where ordinary cast nylon is in use today.

Calaumid® Cast Nylon

Cast Nylon 6/12

Calaumid® is a 6/12 co-polyamide manufactured by static casting from the raw materials Caprolactam and Laurolactam. Compared to standard cast nylon, shock and impact resistance are higher in Calaumid® cast nylon, moisture absorption is lower, creep resistance is better and elasticity is improved. It is especially suitable for use in areas where increased shock loads and vibration are expected or where higher fatigue resistance and elasticity are required. Typical applications for Calaumid parts include gear wheels, toothed racks, pinions, idler rollers with increased stop time, and crane supports.

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