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Polytheretherketone (PEEK) is a semi-crystalline high performance thermoplastic which exhibits a unique combination of excellent wear and very good mechanical properties. These characteristics combined with its temperature resistance up to 480°F have made it the most popular of the advanced engineering plastics. It is a gray, hydraulically stable polymer with a high melting point (550°F).

It has a high degree of oxidative and radiation stability and has been used for years at a continous temperature over 390°F. It has a UL index of 410°F. PEEK is resistant to nonoxidizing acids, alkalies, salts and solvents. PEEK has excellent chemical resistance and is also FDA compliant, making it a good choice for demanding food contact and medical applications.

It offers low moisture absorption and the ability to operate continuously in steam and hot water. High long term operating temperature and excellent resistance to high energy radiation complete the profile of this high performance material.

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