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Timco offers parts machined from unmodified natural or black polyethylene terephtalate (PET), and an internally lubricated FDA compliant Bearing Grade PET. PET is also known as thermoplastic polyester. It provides excellent wear and abrasion resistance in wet or dry environments. Parts machined from PET display good hardness, stiffness and strength along with superb sliding properties. The material´s good creep resistance, combined with its low moisture absorption, make it an excellent material choice for complex parts with high demands on dimensional stability and surface quality. PET´s unique combination of properties make it ideal for high precision and moving parts. The material is highly suited for complex components with the greatest demands on dimensional stability and surface quality. PET has no centerline porosity. It retains its strength and creep resistance to 180°F.

Key properties PET:

  • Good wear performance in both wet and dry environments
  • High hardness and rigidity
  • Excellent stain and acid resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Low moisture absorption (at saturation 0.5%)
  • Very good creep resistance (better than acetal)
  • Very high dimensional stability (better than acetal)
  • Continuous low sliding friction
  • Very low sliding wear (better than acetal)
  • Hydrolysis resistance (to +145°F)
  • Physiologically safe

PET parts are used in general mechanical, automotive, precision, electrical, and communication engineering applications. Typical machined PET parts include bushings, pump components, gear wheels, casing components, cam disks, valves and valve bodies, cams and ratchets, counter components, sliding components, precision bearings and electrical insulators.

PET (Natural)

Unmodified PET rod and plate can be machined into intricate parts by Timco. Because of its excellent mechanical performance and FDA compliance, PET machined parts are used today in a broad range of industries, including medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, bottling, printing, logistics and transport, electric/electronic, semiconductor and automotive.

PET (Black)

PET with black pigment added is a good choice for parts requiring an especially high demand on precision. However, it is not FDA compliant.

PET – GL (Bearing Grade PET)

PET – GL offers improvements in sliding properties, as well as wear resistance by adding a special, homogeneously distributed solid lubricant. Due to the integrated solid lubricant, the modified type is especially suitable for high-duty sliding applications under dry-running conditions. The solid lubricant assure a "self lubrication" of PET– GL, which leads to outstanding sliding properties and the highest wear resistance with far higher load bearing strength (pv limit) compared to pure PET. The slip-stick effect is also reduced.

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