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TImcogrip™ is Timco´s recently introduced two-layered material made of thermoplastic elastomer (rubber) on one side and UHMW-PE on the other. It is a new and innovative material that is ideal for gripping or protecting surfaces, while providing wear and strength in industrial uses. During the manufacturing process of Timcogrip™, the rubber is molecularly bonded to the polyethylene. As a result, it does not peel apart under heat or stress like other gripping materials that are simply glued together.

Timcogrip™ is ideally suited for applications such as cribbing plate or outrigger pads that provide solid support to cranes. It successfully disperses the weight of the crane while the rubber side grips and protects the street. The soft rubber side is ideal for protecting impact or scratch sensitive surfaces like a gymnasium floor, or for product contact applications as in automobile manufacturing. Other uses for Timcogrip™ include wear plates or equipment liners with surfaces that need to be gripped or protected. The combination of rubber and UHMW-PE also provide good vibration dampening characteristics, noise reduction and effective shock absorption. Timcogrip™ can be attached to equipment by means of a counter sunk screw as well as by invisible riveting.

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