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Wartex® - Compression Molded Fiber Cotton Laminated - HGW

Wartex® is made by high-pressure hot pressing of pure cotton cloths impregnated with phenolic resin. This stratified product has good mechanical and electrical resistance and remarkable chemical resistance. The elasticity given by the cotton cloth guarantees exceptional resistance to wear. Lubrication of Wartex® can be done with water. Wartex® (HGW) can be stamped up to a thickness of 5mm.

The cost of water-lubricated fiber bearings beats antifriction bearings with ease. All Timco´s fiber bearings are made of compression molded cotton fabric, either shredded, or in straight layers, saturated with synthetic resin. Additives such as MoS2 or graphite are available. Timco also offers the complete engineering for redesigning of bearing chocks and of water inlets.

Wartex® is a registered trademark of ATIMA - TPIM s.a.
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