50 Years of Designing and Manufacturing Engineered Plastic Parts for Industrial Equipment

Timco components are designed to reduce friction and improve performance

Our goal is to provide customers with the best fabricated products in the industry, regardless of order size. Timco’s ISO 9001:2008 certification assures our customers that we are committed to quality. It also permits us to service and supply the world’s foremost manufacturing firms. Most of our products are made of high quality plastic, but Timco also supplies precision parts made of metal for steel mills and wire processing equipment. Other non-plastics fabricated or supplied by Timco include: Ceramics, Ceramic-Coated Metals, Corrugated Vulcanized Fiber (CVF), Wartex® Compression Molded Fiber Cotton Laminated (HGW), P&N Bearings and Timcoloc™ Fasteners. You can find more detail on these materials under the "Materials" tab on this website.

Largest North American supplier of non- metallic sheaves

Timco is proud to supply the world’s leading equipment manufacturers with sheaves from size 1/2" to 64" outside diameter in unlimited thickenss. Timco sheaves extend wire rope life up to 300% by reducing stress on the wire rope and providing a larger contact area. Parts are machined to customer specifications using only the best tempered and inspected plastic materials.

Other parts Timco fabricates

  • Wear and Slider Pads
  • Bearings and Bushings
  • Rollers and Wheels
  • Gears and Sprockets
  • Cribbing Plates and Outrigger Pads
  • Guides and Spacers
  • Manifolds, Pistons, and Nozzles
  • Vacuum Shoes, Cup Rings, Timing Screws, and Star Wheels
  • Scraper Blades and Push Plates
  • Other Wear, Structural or FDA Compliant Parts

Why choose Timco’s fabricated engineering plastics?

Our machined plastic parts are light in weight for easier handling, reduction in drive power required, and improved lifting capability. Other qualities of Timco components include:

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Good sliding features
  • Ability to withstand high impact load
  • Good corrosion resistance and chemical resistance
  • Favorable price/performance ratio
  • Reduction of noise and vibration
  • Less wear on mating parts

Versus other production methods, machining is the best and often the only choice when low to medium volume of plastic componentsare needed. When you machine your plastic parts, you gain greater design flexibility and closer tolerances are also possible. The turnaround time from idea to product is very fast when machining components versus molding.
Another benefit to this manufacturing method is that easy adjustments to part dimensions may be made on subsequent orders.

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