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Sprockets & Gears

Sprocket is a wheel with teeth that mesh with a chain or track. A gear transmits rotation by applying a force to the teeth of another gear or a device.

Timco offers many sprocket and gear material options including a broad range of cast nylon products. Our engineers will be happy to review your application conditions and recommend the optimum material for your application. Sprockets or gears can be produced rom 1/2" to 64" outside diameter in an unlimited thickness. Segments can also be fabricated by Timco.

Popular sprocket and gear materials supplied by Timco include:

  • Cast Nylon 6
    standard, heat stabilized, MoS2 filled, oil-filled, internally lubricated, FDA compliant and premium wear grades available for a broad variety of sprockets and gear applications.
  • Calaumid®
    Nylon 6/12 with metal core for high load requirements and driven gears.
  • Acetal
    when chemical/water resistance is required.
    for lower load requirements and low water absorption.

Various mounting configurations are available.

Benefits of using Timco sprockets and gears

Extend Part Life and Improve Equipment Efficiency

Excellent wear resistance and low coefficient of friction make Timco parts last longer. Lightweight Timco components also reduce the force needed to rotate the sprockets and gears.

Less System Maintenance

Many material options from Timco are self-lubricating or oil-filled, reducing or eliminating the need for external lubrication. Timco gears also reduce wear on mating parts leading to additional in-use cost savings.

Less Noisy Operation

Timco’s fabricated sprockets and gears greatly reduce noise and vibration. They are also safely and easily handled.

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